Big Web Warehouse is a HMRC approved provider of customs bonded warehousing services.

With our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System, experienced team, trusted procedures and a commitment to simplifying international trade for our clients, we provide essential services for businesses engaged in import and export activities.

Storing goods in bonded state at our certified customs warehouses can improve cash flow for businesses importing goods from outside the UK.


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    What Our Customers Say

    Sean Barrow
    Sean Barrow
    Friendly helpful environment, made me feel very welcome
    Cassie Duncan
    Cassie Duncan
    Delivered to BWW on behalf of LPS. Welcoming upon arrival. Wendy offered me a hot drink with some biscuits and advised of where the WC was located (very clean) and was extremely accommodating. No waiting around and communication was great. Seems like they understand that everyone has a job to do and they deal with you efficiently and speedily. Thanks again guys.
    Adam P.
    Adam P.
    Wendy served good coffe when i load my order ups driver thank you.
    B Balan
    B Balan
    A company that respect’s tea breaks, don’t be shy to ask for one from the nice lady in the office. (They have sugar cubes too)
    Bernard Bradshaw
    Bernard Bradshaw
    Very helpful great facilities coffee for tired drivers always go a long way, load ready to go minimum waiting great visiting friendly staff 👍
    Adam Starkey
    Adam Starkey
    Excellent service recently. We have been working with BWW for a good few years, and most recently our business has seen an uptick in demand from our customers, meaning we've had to ramp up production and our inbound shipments. Most recently, we have made two 40ft container deliveries, and Steve & Wendy made sure to accommodate us, taking the deliveries, checking, unloading and adding our huge volume of stock to inventory within a short space of time, meaning we were able to set up outbound shipments the same day our containers were delivered. This has been a massive help to our business and really pleased our customers too. So a massive thank you to Steve, Wendy and their team!
    Fair Weather Biker
    Fair Weather Biker
    The Business I work for H&B Logistics delivers here regularly on behalf of one of our customers. I’d like to forward on the drivers appreciation to your staff, he says they are very accommodating and whoever makes him a brew makes him a great one! Thanks again.

    Our Bonded Warehousing Services

    Customs bonded warehousing is a specialised service that allows businesses to store imported goods in a secured and supervised environment without paying customs duties or taxes until the goods are ready for release into free circulation within the UK or export. This can significantly reduce your overhead costs and improve your cash flow.

    Our customs bonded warehousing services are like no other. We have state of the art technology to securely and accurately manage both customs and free circulation stock allowing our customers to efficiently manage customs warehousing and fulfil their compliance and reporting to HMRC.

    Big Web Warehouse Facilities

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    Our Process

    Partnering with us is simple and takes little effort on your part. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our certified customs bonded warehousing means you can get the exact requirements you need.

    Find out more about how the pick and pack process works below.

    Container Team
    Step 1 - Inbound goods:

    You advise us that you have inbound goods that you would like to be held in ‘bond’.

    Rework Services
    Step 2 - Incoming Customs Documentation:

    All required documentation can be uploaded to our bespoke customs portal for approval. Once approved deliveries can be booked in.

    Big Web Warehouse Pallet Locations
    Step 3 - Goods Receipt:

    Your goods arrive at our customs bonded warehouse, where they are inspected and cross checked against documentation then booked into our system.

    Warehouse Procedures
    Step 4 - Storage:

    The goods are securely stored in one of our HMRC approved locations.

    Big Web Warehouse Process
    Step 5 - Customs Processing:

    While in a “bonded state” your goods remain in a customs-suspended state. This means you don’t need to pay import duties or taxes until you’re ready to release your goods into free circulation or export.

    Our Returns Process
    Step 6 - Distribution or Export:

    When you’re ready to move your goods, simply request this through our online portal.

    Step 7 - Customs Clearance Documentation:

    Documentation is handled uploaded through our HMRC approved secure Warehouse Management System (WMS). Don’t stress if you’re new to this, our clever system will guide you through, step-by-step.

    Container Services
    Step 8 - Reporting:

    You have access to real-time inventory tracking and reporting (for both ‘bonded’ and free circulation goods), providing complete visibility into your stored goods.

    Rework Services
    Step 9 - Releasing:

    Once goods are released, you can arrange for them to be collected or our experienced and dedicated team can help you with all your fulfilment needs. Why not get in touch for a free quotation today?

    Why Choose Big Web Warehouse?

    Big Web Warehouse offers a secure and accurate customs bonded service. When you partner with us you will benefit from purpose built, state of the art technology, an experienced team and tried and tested procedures that work on time, every time.

    Our in-house systems and internal processes are safe and reliable so you will never have to worry if your stock has slipped into circulation.

    Save money and time by partnering with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Why not speak with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

    T: 01733 405100

    Bonded warehousing provides a duty-free zone for your goods. Meaning you won’t be liable for customs duty & VAT until you request your stock to be released into free circulation. Bonded warehousing can only be provided by HMRC certified suppliers.

    Bonded goods are basically any item that is brought into the country that is liable to customs charges, including duty and VAT payments. The goods are bonded because they are held duty-free ahead of customs processing.

    Our bonded warehouse is completely secure. Our warehouse locations have been inspected and approved by HMRC as part of our certification as a bonded facility. We are subject to random audits by HMRC inspectors.

    We carefully document every shipment using our state-of-the-art warehouse management system.

    You can be confident that our facilities and systems are fully compliant.

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    We want to give you the best possible value for your business, so we don’t offer standardised, off-the-shelf pricing. We offer tailored solutions to suit your specific needs.

    Alternatively please either call us on 01733 405100 or email

    Big Web Warehouse

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