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Building an Import Partnership Network

Who Are Big Web Warehouse?

Big Web began as an archive storage facility back in 1996. In the past 28 years we have grown to be one of the biggest, family run and owned storage and fulfilment providers.

From one warehouse of 10,000 ft² to our current portfolio of 6 storage premises and a footprint of over 250,000 ft², all owned by the Big Web Group, we have learnt along the way what creates success in a third party logistics company.

With 2 bonded warehouses and 4 free circulation facilities we have somewhat of a proposal for you… Use us to help increase net turn over for both you and your client. We have created an environment where we can offer a “one stop shop” for your customer’s supply chain requirements.

If you are still with us, Let me show you what I mean!

“Just get to it already… what are you offering?…”

Around 18 months ago, we began working closely with a customs clearance agent. We gave them the opportunity to earn a margin on our services for referrals they passed over to us that came to fruition.

They referred 2 new clients to us for storage and fulfilment services, both of whom are still with us.

We gave the customs agent in question 2% of the weekly storage costs for these clients. Initially the new clients stored 150 and 80 pallets respectively, these quickly grew to 500 and 600 pallet accounts.

The agent in question has not only earned thousands of pounds for simple referrals off the back of their natural trading, but this has also led to increased containerised stock imports as their business have continued to experience healthy growth therefore increased revenue for the agent.

See a breakdown of your potential earnings below:

We charge from £2.65 per pallet per week (pppw) for free circulation and from £2.99 pppw for Bonded pallet storage.

The example below shows what the current customs agent has earned over the past year from the two clients mentioned:

  • 500 pallets in store x £2.65 pppw = £1,325 per week
  • £1,325 x 52 wks = £68,900 storage per year
  • 2% of £68,900 = £1,378

Because of the success of this, we are now offering 3% incentive.

  • 3% of £68,900 = £2,067

(all prices exclude VAT)

This is what you could have back for letting us do all of the work.

Contact Us

If this proposal is of interest to you, please feel free to give myself or my team a call on 01733 405 107.

Jarred Lester, C.O.O.

Wishing you every success for 2024

From the Big Web Warehouse Team

What makes us special?

Over 24 years experience with dedicated employees, family owned and run business, delivering exceptional service.

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