Why Choose Us

Super Awesome Fulfilment: Fast, Accurate, Secure

Big Web Warehouse is an established fulfilment centre which was started in 1999 and has grown year on year bringing new technologies to enable us to streamline fulfilment activities, subsequently keeping an attractive competitive cost for the customer.

Why did we set up Big Web Warehouse?

We were looking for a fulfilment centre that had the flexibility to deal with our business and realised that there wasn't a company on the market that didn't have the ethos of "this is the way we work and you must fit in".

At the time our warehouse management systems were "off the shelf" and very rigid in what you could or could not do, which for a dynamic ever changing company, did not suit us.

So what did we do?

We set up our own warehouse, designed our own warehouse management system and suddenly found a huge demand for a similar type of activity from various customers in the local area. Since then Big Web Warehouse has grown into a national business with 150,000 sq ft of storage with the ability to handle customers with 1 pallet up to 1,500 pallets and order handling in excess of 500 orders per day.