Order Fulfilment

Storage is just a small part of what we do

Our fulfilment services involve receiving, booking in, picking, packing, checking and despatching orders to your customers. We offer a huge range of fulfilment services, ranging from sending single units to the end user, to orders consisting of hundreds of pallets. Crucially, our systems are highly flexible, allowing you to work with multiple sales channels simultaneously.

Our process:

  • Receipt: Goods arrive to our warehouse by container, pallet, or courier.
  • Goods in: Our team palletise your stock and use the barcode to book it in to our WMS (warehouse management system). Your inventory will now be visible on our online portal.
  • Storage: Your pallets are racked, stored ready for orders.
  • Picking: When an order is placed through our portal, our team pick the items using the barcode for accuracy.
  • Packing/Quality control: Items are collated into orders and checked again for accuracy. The consignment is packed to your specification.
  • Despatch: Your consignment is sent via your courier account. Tracking details are automatically uploaded to our online portal.

1. Receipt

Big Web Warehouse receives goods by container, pallet, or parcel. Our standard service is to unload and have your goods ready to order within one working day. Containerised goods require de-stuffing (carefully removing from the container and palletising). To make this process fast, efficient, and safe we have two container destuffing conveyors as well as a dock leveller for larger items. During peak periods our team can destuff up to four large containers per day! Palletised goods are quickly unloaded by forklift and delivered straight to goods in with any parcels.

Read more about our container services here.

Goods in

2. Goods in

Our goods in team receive your stock and check it carefully for damages or shortages. Where possible, we book in using bar codes, adding a detailed description and unit of measure for simple and accurate picking. New products can be imported by the customer with their own description and matching bar code. If our team come across any queries we will contact you as soon as possible.

Each pallet/container is given an individual barcoded pallet label that is never reused, providing excellent traceability. To ensure accuracy and picking efficiency we book in one SKU per pallet/container.

As you may have significant variance in product size, we have a large range of options to best store your products cost effectively. Our range includes:

  • 1200x1000 (STD) pallets 1m - 2.2m
  • 1200x800 (EUR) pallets 1m - 2m
  • 1200x(xx) "pallet trays"
  • Secure carousel trays
  • Small part cartons.

Our pricing model is based on the cubic volume, so smaller pallets/containers incur a smaller charge.


3. Storage

Big Web Warehouse store pallets using sophisticated VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) machines to safely locate pallets to the very top of our 13m racking. Using a VNA racking system ensures excellent density whilst still allowing for safe, fast and efficient retrieval. During storage, one of our team will use a handheld tablet and barcode scanner to locate the pallet on our WMS. From our approximate 15,000 pallet capacity, we can access any item in around 5 minutes.


4. Picking

Once booked in, customers have total visibility of their stock and can order through our online portal. Whilst placing an order, a customer can add notes such as specific packing instructions as well as labels. Our team pick using handheld tablets and a barcode scanner. They will be guided to the location, then pallet, then the product. Where barcodes are available, the operator scans the product to confirm they are picking the correct item.

Packing & Quality Control

5. Packing & Quality Control

Picked items are transported to the packing benches to be collated, checked and packed. Items are both visually and barcode checked, with quantities also confirmed. We offer a huge range of packing options and where possible, use the most environmentally friendly solution. Due to the bespoke nature of many goods, we encourage customers to stock their own packaging materials for us to use on their behalf.


6. Despatch

A huge advantage of using Big Web Warehouse is we allow you to use virtually any courier. In total around ten courier services collect from us daily.

Many fulfilment suppliers bind you to a single courier and take a commission on every item sent.
With Big Web Warehouse, you keep control of your courier account. This allows you to:

  • Find a supplier who best suits your requirements.
  • Negotiate the best rates.
  • Be the primary contact for tracking, damages and losses. (Most couriers will only interact with the account owner.)

Our despatch team receive packed and checked consignments via a conveyor. The WMS automatically populates the order data into the courier software for a shipping label to be produced. Tracking details are logged to the order at this point, providing you with full traceability.