Customer Service

Direct access to the relevant people relating to your individual needs

Big Web Warehouse is a customer focused driven team, every person operating within the business is driven to ensure that customer service never comes into question. As a family business you will find that we offer all of our customers big or small the same high level of customer service.

The Account Manager will provide you with direct access to the relevant people relating to your individual needs. Using the online Fulfilment Interface system you are able to see live activity relating to your order or product. All activities are recorded in real time which gives you the ability to respond to any of your customers’ requirements with a click of a button.

we believe the product that has just arrived is the wrong colour can you check please

A typical question from a customer that needs a fast response! At Big Web Warehouse we believe you should have the ability to ask this question to a human being on the shop floor instead of going through an Account Manager.

We give you direct access to ensure that you get the answer you need as quickly as possible.

We allocate a ‘Product Champion’ to your product who will learn the specific nature of your products so you have the confidence that you are not just talking to a warehouse operative but someone who knows the ins and outs of your product.

Our team on the ground are committed to ensure that customers have the feel that ‘we work for you’, that this is your warehouse and one of your customers needs an answer now!