Container Handling

Do you bring stock in by the container? No problem – we have specialist equipment to help us offload containers in the quickest and most efficient ways. Telescopic conveyors are used from our docking area to reduce handling and therefore unloading time, keeping your costs down and your products safe.

All you need to do is arrange customs clearance for your container, tell us what you’re expecting to arrive and get your freight forwarder to book the delivery in – we’ll do the rest!

As with all our pricing you will only be charged for what you use – container offloads are invoiced at an agreed hourly rate. If you are bringing in regular containers with the same sort of product mix, once we have offloaded a few and understand the requirements we can look at a fixed charge tariff to help with your budgeting.

Once your goods start coming down the conveyor your cartons will be inspected for any obvious damage, palletised by product with pallet barcode identification and booked into the warehouse using the Product Codes you have supplied – this means that you will be able to see your stock on our Warehouse Management System within 1 working day of its arrival, ready for you to start raising your orders.

If it can fit on a pallet and it’s not dangerous we have probably handled it - from Clothing to Cribs and Tyres to Test Tubes, we’ve pretty much stored it all.