Amazon Preparation

We offer many services to help you integrate with Amazon

Big Web Warehouse specialises in preparing your goods ready for delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses.

Amazon is a fantastic marketplace for your products. Using Amazon's fulfilment services will mean more potential customers can see your goods, but also gives them confidence that they can have them delivered fast.

The problem? Amazon has very specific requirements for how they receive the goods:

  • Product labels
  • Carton labels
  • Pallet labels
  • Pallet type
  • Pallet height
  • Shrink wrap

Everything needs to be spot on in order to help avoid fines and maintain your ranking.

We have excellent knowledge of Amazon's processes. We prepare and dispatch in excess of 5,000 pallets per year on behalf of our customers into Amazon FBA warehouses.

If you are an FBM (fulfilled by merchant) seller, we can also prepare and dispatch goods within Prime boundaries, allowing you to display your SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) badge with confidence. The following should be considered when using Amazon's market place.

Do you import your goods via container?

Amazon do not offer container de-stuffing services. We do.

Will Amazon accept all of your stock?

Especially during the Christmas season, Amazon may only accept relatively small amounts of stock. We can hold the majority and deliver "on demand" to FBA. Outside peak, this can also lead to huge savings; our storage rates are many, many times cheaper than FBA.

Do you have multiple sales channels outside Amazon?

Most of our clients also sell via their web shop, ebay, and to trade. We can service all these simultaneously.

Are some of your products prohibitively large or heavy for Amazon FBA?

We can accept stock outside the bounds specified by Amazon.

Do you require additional services, such as labelling, repacking, assembly or kitting prior to FBA?

We offer all of these services and more!

Can you get your stock to Amazon fast?

We have both industry leading pick SLAs, but are also situated perfectly in the heart of the UK (Peterborough) for fast road delivery to a range of FBA warehouses.

Do you require a returns hub?

We offer a range of returns services to suit your requirements.

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