Accuracy & Procedures

Accuracy is the key for any storage business

Accuracy is the key for any storage facility. We appreciate how important it is to your business that you can arrange storage or withdrawal of your stock – so you can access what you need, when you need it.

Whether you need to withdraw a single pallet or a lorry load, our systems are designed to enable you to have total control of your stock.

You will have total traceability of your pallets from their arrival with us to when you collect them.

Pallets Received

Pallets received
Pallets barcoded and booked into the system
Pallets locatated in the warehouse


We receive your order
Pallets are allocated to the order
Picker goes to the location and picks the required pallets


The picker leaves the pallets at QC to be verified against your order
The pallets are labelled to indicate that they have been checked
Your pallets are moved to the Despatch area to await collection
All pallets are scanned on departure to verify correct pallets are being loaded / collected

Pallets Received

All pallets are received via our "Goods received" area which is isolated from the main storage area. The key to any error-free stock control system is to accurately define the pallets at the point of entry to the building.

We undertake various checks both visually and systematically to ensure the correct information has been captured before the pallet is allowed to leave the "Goods Received" area.

All pallets are logged using the data you provide to identify the pallet contents, then assigned a code and barcode to ensure complete traceability and located within the warehouse. Each pallet location is verified by scanning the pallet barcode to that location barcode.


The warehouses are designed and laid out differently dependent on the size of pallets and all our warehouses use a barcode driven system automatically generating pallet orders which are issued to our picking team via mobile tablets.

The picker is provided with the location, pallet code and description to reduce the risk of any form of error.

The pallet barcode label will be scanned to confirm the correct pallet is being picked.


All pallets are collated and checked against your order, then labelled as verified.

You can upload Pallet Notes or Despatch Documents to our system if required. These would then be printed at despatch stage and attached to your pallets.

Pallets are then located into a despatch area awaiting collection.

When your pallets are despatched, they are scanned on departure to verify the correct pallets are being loaded / collected.