Accuracy & Procedures

Accuracy is the key for any fulfilment business

Accuracy is the key for any fulfilment business. We are a consumer driven business that appreciates how important it is that your customer receives what they want, when they want.

Our process handling and warehouse management systems have both been designed to ensure each stage of the fulfilment operation is carried out with 100% accuracy in mind.

Goods Received

Goods received via haulage company
Goods booked into the system
Items moved onto a pallet
Pallet locatated in the warehouse


We receive your order
Stock is allocated to the order
Picker goes to the location and picks the items from the pallet

Packing / Despatch

The picker leaves the items with the packer where the items are checked and packed
The packed items move along the conveyor to the despatch bench where they are consigned to the courier and despatched
Courier comes in and collects your order for shipping

Goods Received

All products are received via our "Goods received" area which is isolated from the main storage area. The key to any error-free stock control system is to accurately define the product at the point of entry to the building.

We undertake various checks both visually and systematically to ensure the correct information has been captured before the product is allowed to leave the "Goods Received" area. All data capture is carried out using our bespoke designed warehouse management system using mobile wifi tablets. This means immediate data capture whilst standing next to the product.


The warehouses are designed and laid out dependent on the type of product and all warehouses are barcode driven. System generated picking orders are created and issued to the operators mobile tablets in a computer generated efficiency order.

Not only is the operator provided with the product code, batch code and description but can also be issued a picture of the product to reduce the risk of any form of picking error.

If the products have barcodes these will be incorporated into the product details and used as our final verification in the order picking process.

Packing / Despatch

All orders are collated in a dedicated packing area ready to be packed according to the individual order requirement.

Our warehouse management system will electronically inform the packer of the packing requirements and shipping method to ensure that the order is fulfilled to the customer specification.

Our systems fully integrate with all carrier software which makes for a seamless transaction.

Delivery tickets can be generated bespoke to the individual customer with logo, address details and return information so as far as the consumer is concerned the package has come from your own warehouse.