Business Integration

Automatic order synchronisation

Big Web Warehouse's working ethic is to become part of your team and "your warehouse". Whether this is relating to the ability to talk to the picker in the warehouse or by a click of a button being able to see the current status of your stock or orders.

Shop floor communication - This is very important when integrating our business into yours. We allocate a "Product Champion" to your stock so you have someone to talk to who has been trained on every aspect of your product that you have stored with us. Whether you need a colour checking or verification on batch codes, one call will make it happen.

IT Integration - Our FTP software ensures seamless transactions from your system to ours either once a day or 10 times a day. Orders are captured and pushed into our warehouse management system automatically at scheduled times during the day and arrive on our picker's hand held devices. We can also work with you to integrate directly with your website, so when your customers orders online you have the confidence to know that the order is with "your warehouse" and being fulfilled.

We developed our warehouse management system in-house which gives us the ability to make any modifications to suit the individual customers' requirements.

More information about our online interface can be found on the Our Technology page.