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Buffer Stocking for EU export businesses

We will safely store your stock for your customers in the UK and beyond so that you can service their business more efficiently - cutting cost and delivery time from 3-5 days (if the ports are working well) to next day.

Goods exported from a European Union country may be stored as buffer or call off stock for existing customers in the UK without the need for the exporter to form a UK entity or apply for a VAT registration provided they qualify - see the HMRC ruling given below.

When you make sales from a buffer stock in the UK, you will normally be trading in the UK and require a UK VAT registration. This does not apply if the goods qualify as ‘call-off’ stocks all designated for one customer.

We are currently offering a new service where we will hold your stock, process orders, and invoice UK customers on your behalf. The goods remain in your legal ownership until paid by the customer (who may be Big Web).

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Not all products are suitable for the EU call-off Stock service, and clearly where you distance sell via the internet you will sell directly to the end customer. In most cases therefore you will require a UK VAT registration. Big Web can help with obtaining VAT registration - find out more here about VAT registration assistance.

HMRC Ruling

"I am of the opinion that the abcd company is making intra EU supplies which are designated as call off stock. As long as the goods in their warehouse are readily identifiable for different customers, then they can still use the call off concession. Therefore they are not required to be VAT registered as they are not making taxable supplies in the UK. They would issue an invoice to their customers without any VAT. If they wish to recover input tax on any services they can apply for an 8th directive claim through our Londonderry office; see form attached."

Download Notice 725 Customs: The Single market

Section from the Notice: 15.2 Call-off Stocks

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We devan incoming containers,  update online stock control,  store securely and prepare for onward shipment all consumer goods, industrial goods and commercial materials including printed matter, literature and books.

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Big Web Warehouse UK warehousing, offers pick and pack, warehousing,  fulfilment, long term and short term warehousing facilities for companies in ,Peterborough, Northampton, North London and all points on the A1, M1, A14 network. .

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